My work experience

My work experience was so intresting: I did it in a carpenter, who lives in  the Alps. I did four days because it was quite far from Rennes: as you guess, the place I have been is about 12 hours of car! But I really had no regret because it was so cool! 

The first day we went on a site to build a house, so we had to put an insulation on, and wa did that the second day as well, the third day we went to different sites around the village we were based. and the fourth day we went on a showroom in Lyon; it was about wood and the best way to use it, really intrseting!

Thank you for reading {#} see you!! 



mardi 28 mai 2013 18:45

My awesome trip to Berlin

Hello everyone!! 

I am going to talk about my trip in berlin that we all did before the holidays... We arrived atr Berlin after long hours of coach, quite boring, but we slpet, laughted, watched films, and ate lot of sweats... After that long trip we arrived in Berlin in the afternoon, so we had time to go with our partner, and we walked a little bit around Berlin, it was really intrsting!! 

Then the other days we went to so many different places in Berlin and I can tell you that it is a really beautifull city! Not as beautifull as Paris as Berlin of course {#}. We went also to a concentration camp in Ravensbruck... it was actually really touching. 

As a conclusion, Iwould say the trip was really boring... No!!!!! I'm joking of course!! It was unbelievable! incredible! amazing! Loved it!! {#}


mardi 28 mai 2013 18:19

The Stade Rennais Football Club

 The end of the championship comes and Rennes isn't in good "health". They made a catastrophic final sprint to be in europe places... The team is going to finish between the 10th and the 13th places out of twenty. It's the worst season since 2006..

   We hope that, for the next year, we will be able to grow up and to finish at the 7th first places. Frédéric Antonetti leaves the Club and it's Phillipe Montanier as new coach who are going to take the group in his hands.

SRFC, always in our heart!


lundi 20 mai 2013 12:42

PSG, Winner!!!! Good Bye Beckham!

Blog de jeanthomasdnl :thomas and jean's BLOG, PSG, Winner!!!!  Good Bye Beckham!

On saturday, the football club PSG celebrated his victory in the french ligue one. The team are the first in the championship even if there is a last match.

 It was the last match of Davic Beckham as well, the famous player who is knowm everywhere in the world. He wants to stop football! A medley of happiness and  sadness. It was very emotional moment at his exit. He had some tears which were falling on his cheeks.


lundi 20 mai 2013 12:31

My work experience

Blog de jeanthomasdnl :thomas and jean's BLOG, My work experience

Hello everybody!

Today, I'm going to talk about my work experience. So, I did my work placement in a private hospital in Rennes: "polyclinique St Laurent". I got the work experience thanks to my parents who knew a cardiologist. He accepted. Ichose cardiologist because I was interressed by medecine and especially in cardiology.

The work placement took place in february, the 21st, 22nd and 23rd.        I discover a lot of things about this job! I was really surprised because I thought that this work was different(just making operations or cardiologic rhythm test).

I thank my tutor for hosting me! It was interresting and funny to see for the first time the work world and a job like cardiologist!


lundi 20 mai 2013 11:53


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